Healthy Scalp Starts with Shampooing

Healthy hair stems from a healthy scalp, and a healthy scalp is maintained by the proper shampoo and conditioning techniques.

To get the full benefits of your hair care products you need to use them in the right way. Professional hair care products are by no means cheap, but if you are not practicing the techniques required by the high-end ingredients in these products, you might as well be pouring them — and your money — right down the drain.

Follow these tips the next time you wash your hair, and you will notice a healthier scalp and more luxurious locks.

The Right Way to Shampoo

When it comes to shampoo, more does not necessarily equal better. It is best to avoid using too much shampoo since it strips away the natural oils that help in protecting against dust, pollution and damage.

Shampoo should be targeted at your roots and scalp. Since most shampoos contain alcohol to help cleanse and absorb the oils in your dirty hair, you do not want to drench your ends in the cleansing agent. Stimulate your scalp with the shampoo to remove the over abundance of oils being produced from your scalp.

You only need about a quarter-size amount of shampoo, squeeze the shampoo toward your fingertips, not in the palm of your hand, as it is easier to overuse by doing that. The shampoo needs to be an aggressive scrub with your fingertips. Having the shampoo at your tips and not wasted in your palm will allow for a more targeted cleanse and less wasted product.

If the shampoo is not getting soapy, do not reach for the bottle to add more product. Instead, simply dip your head back into the water, just for a second. This helps emulsify the product allowing it to get more sudsy.

Scrub for 2-3 minutes or until you feel a tingly sensation on your scalp, and then simply rinse completely.

The Right Way to Condition

Conditioner helps to hydrate the dry ends of your hair and makes your hair easier to manage.

Before applying the conditioner, be sure to ring out as much of the moisture in your hair as possible.

Try to keep the conditioner away from your scalp. Make it a rule of not going beyond the mid-length of your hair.

It is also good to avoid putting conditioner on your scalp since it weakens the roots of hair and can cause a loss of volume and create a greasy appearance even when rinsed.

Rinse your conditioner with cool water, which seals the cuticle of the hair strand and locks in the moisture into your hair.

Think of the cuticle of your hair as shingles on a roof. When you shampoo and stimulate the hair strand, it presses the cuticle upward, causing a rough feeling to the hair. Once the conditioner is applied, it smooths the shingles (cuticle) downward, creating a nice smooth feeling to the hair, when your rinse the conditioner off with cool water it completely closes the cuticle and locks all the moisturizing ingredients into your hair strands.

By simply following these tips and techniques you will notice a major difference in the look and feel of your hair and scalp. And you will be able to go longer between