Hair Thickening & Hair Replacement

Men aren’t the only ones suffering from hair loss, there is an increasing number of women with the same problem. Their hair breaks off, continues to get thinner, or even falls out leading to bald spots.

HIP Salon is proud to partner with Hairdreams, the international industry leader in professional hair lengthening and thickening systems made of the highest professional grade quality.



Why Am I Losing Hair?

Genetic predisposition:

Many people have very fine hair or not very much of it as a result of their natural genetic predisposition.

Environmental influences:

Factors such as stress and toxic substances can lead to hair loss.


Diet has a substantial influence on hair and skin health.

Aging process:

With increasing age, the strength and amount of hair decreases.

Hormonal issues:

Various illnesses, medications, as well as pregnancy can cause hormonal side effects leading to hair loss.



How Hairdreams Works

The client’s existing hair is supplemented and replenished with high-grade, hand-selected human hair extensions. These hair extensions match the client’s own hair in color, length and structure.

The integration process is gentle and non-damaging; wearing it feels just like one’s own hair, without any noteworthy lifestyle limitations. The additional volume looks completely natural and can’t be distinguished from the client’s own hair.

There are two ways to bond the extensions to your existing hair: The Standard Method, in which each strand is attached, and the Laserbeamer Method, involving a device that bonds up to eight strands to bonding ring. Durability for each method lasts 4-6 months.

HIP Salon and Hairdreams offer “7 Star Special Quality Hair.” Naturally shine and smooth texture, the hair is high-grade human hair of European type, with natural color shades ranging from black to blond. It is hand-selected and hand-sorted according to color.

The Options

Hairdreams offers a variety of options for all hair types. Set up a consultation with a Hairdreams specialist at HIP Salon.

The Partners


A worldwide leading provider of real hair extensions, Hairdreams works with leading stylists around the whole world, including many top stylists in Milan, Paris and New York, who regularly style celebrities, actresses, singers and models with hair from Hairdreams.

The Hairdreams philosophy includes a strict quality orientation. Only absolutely healthy, thoroughly tested hair passes the stringent Hairdreams quality control and is subsequently gently refined. Hairdreams provides a guarantee of faultless hair.

HIP Salon

HIP Salon is one of the few salons in the Chicago area who meet Hairdreams’ stringent standards for top-class professional qualification. Every Hairdreams stylist is intensively trained by an experienced staff trainer and regularly trained on the latest application techniques.

For more information, see Hairdreams website and especially its FAQs.