Hair Restoration & Treatments

Is your hair thinning or so fine it won’t hold a style? Are you experiencing hair breakage and bald spots? Do you dream of having full, thick, healthy hair?

Thinning hair or hair loss is caused by hereditary, aging, illness or stress, but it doesn’t mean you have to settle for lackluster, lifeless hair.

Here is Debra’s first-hand account about hair restoration. The article originally appeared in HIP’s Cold Weather 2015 Newsletter:

Life-Changing Hair, Hair-Changing Life

By Debra Hanaway
HIP Salon Owner

Imagine the overnight transformation of going from thinning, damaged hair to having a head of beautiful, thick and healthy hair.

This summer I joined a number of our clients who have discovered the wonderful experience of quality hair lengthening and density through our hair systems options. But before we talk about my experience, let me tell you how our salon became involved in this life-changing program.

Shortly after we opened HIP in 2005, a longtime female client who followed us from our days at Heidi’s asked us to find a solution for her thinning hair. We reached out to our reps, we talked to friends in the business, and we researched all the fads. While there were plenty of hair growth products on the market (mostly aimed at men), we weren’t sure they would be right for our clients. We wanted something that really worked.

That’s when we heard about about a hair loss solution for women that was making its way around the national news shows.

We immediately started training, and once we were fully trained, we announced a special hair event for our female clients who were suffering from hair loss. Some were recovering from life-threatening illnesses, some were having hormonal imbalances and others were just contending with hereditary and aging. All of them wanted a change. We were ready too. e We closed the salon for this special event.

That night turned out to be hugely transformational for all of us. Client after client burst into joyful tears when they saw their new hair.

What we discovered is that you can safely attach real human hair to your natural hair. Better than a wig, the hair system blends with your hair so it feels like it’s an extension of you.

HIP Salon’s now offers Hairdreams  — offering a variety of options for hair supplementation, replacement, strengthening and even growing healthy new hair.

We continue to hear our clients’ stories of how their lives have changed with their new hair. From having newfound confidence to family and friends celebrating their new looks, every client has expressed how they felt beautiful and whole again.

Fast forward to 2015, when my own hair had come under severe stress. I decided to try Hairdreams’ natural hair extensions. Because of the frailty of my hair, I had been wearing it short, but that night I came home with long, voluminous red hair. It was a dream come true.

Now several months into my Hairdreams program, I continue to love my hair, wearing it up in a ponytail or blowing it out long.

If you are tired of lifeless, thinning hair, come in and talk to us about our hair creation and hair restoration programs. You too might have a hair and life transformation.