Hair Loss Restoration

Is your hair thinning or so fine it won’t hold a style? Are you experiencing hair breakage and bald spots? Do you dream of having full, thick, healthy hair?

Thinning hair or hair loss is caused by hereditary, aging, illness or stress, but it doesn’t mean you have to settle for lackluster, lifeless hair.

HIP can help. Our hair restoration technicians specialize in non-medical options for growing back your natural hair, strengthening your hair, or supplementing your hair with natural hair extensions.

In 2008, we were featured on ABC7 about our hair loss restoration services. Since then, we’ve learned a lot and had a lot more success stories to share with our clients. 

Why Am I Losing Hair?

Genetic predisposition: Many people have very fine hair or not very much of it as a result of their natural genetic predisposition.

Environmental influences: Factors such as stress and toxic substances can lead to hair loss.

Nutrition: Diet has a substantial influence on hair and skin health.

Aging process: With increasing age, the strength and amount of hair decreases.

Hormonal issues: Various illnesses, medications, as well as pregnancy can cause hormonal side effects leading to hair loss.

What Are My Options?

HIP offers several hair restoration solutions, including several from Hairdreams.

Schedule an appointment with our hair loss restoration technicians about what options are best for you. A $50 consultation fee is required at the time of booking the consultation.


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Hair Loss Restoration

“I get it. Hair loss can be emotionally debilitating. You struggle between bouts of fear, depression, and denial. But it’s critical for you to deal with the issue head on and early on.”

– Debra Hanaway, HIP Hair Loss Restoration Technician