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HIP Anniversary Special

Hey 19!

Come celebrate with HIP during our 19th anniversary (officially on Feb. 10).

You’ll receive 19% off all retail products and tools during Feb. 5-10.

Happy HIP 19!

Schedule your appointment by calling us at 847.882.4474




Straighten with Qiqi

HIP is proud to offer a new permanent hair straightening service – QiQi Hair Treatment.

QiQi is a vegan, permanent hair transformation that is formaldehyde-free. The unique system with straightening capabilities safely reacts with disulfide bonds without harsh chemicals. The exclusive formula penetrates the cortex and reshapes its structure safely without any concern of hair breakage or drying.

There are 3 different services:

  1. Define existing curl and eliminate frizz
  2. Smooth and defrizz hair without losing all the body, but not completely straight
  3. Makes the hair straight and frizz-free

It takes about 3-5 hours to complete the service. Pricing varies based on length and thickness of hair. The first time receiving this treatment, you must book the package with the masque treatment, which is essential to the QiQi treatment.

Schedule a free consultation appointment so we can discuss how the treatment would work for your hair.

Eyelash treatments

The Eyes Have It

Make a dramatic statement with just your eyes. Eyelash extensions, tinting, and perming can give you movie-star long, luxurious, sweeping lashes. Plus, our HIP eyelash specialists offer tips and tricks for keeping your lash treatments in tip-top shape.

Colour My World

Our Colourists love to wax on about their craft. Whether it’s covering up the grey or going rebel blue, we’ve got your color topics covered and ready for processing.


Hair color processing