5 HIP Tips for Loving Your Lashes

  1. 24-HOUR RULE: As always no
    water, NO pool water within
    24 hours of getting lashes
    done. It is highly recommended to
    keep your lashes dry for the first
    24 hours after a lash application or
    touch-up. The adhesive used to apply
    our lash extensions needs ample
    amount of time to cure. Avoid eye
    makeup, swimming, saunas, suntanning,
    and heavy workouts for
    the first 24 hours.
  2. SWEAT: Summer and
    exercise equals sweat. Sweat
    contains natural oils and salt
    deposits that, if left on your lashes,
    can cause a crusty buildup. To
    combat the effects of sweat on your
    lashes, have a towel on hand to
    keep sweat away from dripping in
    your eyes or if comfortable, wear a
    sweatband. Be sure to always rinse
    your lashes with fresh water after a
    workout or run.
  3. SWIMMING: Rinse your
    lashes after swimming. Always
    rinse your lashes with
    fresh water after being in chlorine
    and salt water. Be sure to pat dry always,
    no rubbing, to remove excess
  4. NO HEAT: Avoid extreme heat
    near your lashes. When you’re
    grilling, opening an oven, or
    getting cozy by a fire, remember
    extreme temperatures can singe
    you lashes, be cautious to not get
    too close.
  5. NO OILY SUNSCREEN: Oil-based
    skincare products have a bad
    reputation for breaking down
    the adhesive. Look for a sunscreen
    with an oil-free formula. Use caution
    when applying your sunscreen
    to ensure it fully soaks in before
    swimming and always avoid the eye
    area. As always make sure your eye
    makeup and remover is oil-free.

Jeanine is a HIP Eyelash
Extension, Perm & Tint Technician. Ask her about the best way to extend the life of your eyelash treatments.