Grey’s Anatomy 

Diagnosing those grey/gray matters


At some point in our lives we start getting the dreaded grey hair. 

Society has taught us that women who let their hair go grey have given up or stopped trying. Many do not realize the constant struggle of coming to the salon twice a month for a root touch-up.

Colouring hair to blend or hide greys can get trickier the more grey you have. Say you’re a natural brunette and see 25%-40% of your head is grey. Adding fi ne cooler-toned highlights (or baby lights) throughout will blend those bad boys and allow you to let them grow in gracefully.

Coloured brunettes with the same percentage might need more than one appointment to achieve their goal due to colour build-up (refreshing the ends) on the hair.

Going Platinum

What if your hair grows in white?! Usually women who colour their hair dark and have natural white hair will see their colourist about every 3 weeks (4-8 weeks is more common).
Depending on the level of natural or coloured hair, transitioning from a brunette/dark blonde to a grey/platinum blonde to ease the harsh demarcation line takes a lot of time, love, money and patience!

Hair goes through stages of decolonization. Let’s say you are lifting from red (which is really starting at black or level 1) and want to go all the way to the palest yellow (platinum blonde or level 10), you’ll need to remove color all over to achieve an even blended natural grey or platinum.

Bottom line: It’s a process and you’ll have to commit to spending time in the chair.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless!
From adding platinum blonde highlights to blend out some pep-per or adding more pepper tones to add dimension to solid silver hair, or a combo of both.
And if you really want to make a statement, add some funky colors there, such as pink or blue or purple!

The Greys Have It

Hair colour is fun, and there are so many options. I know grey seems scary or harsh, but it’s all in the way you present yourself. Don’t fear your grey, embrace it! (Just don’t stop coming to see me!)

P.S.: When you’re planning on changing your look, book a consultation before your appointment so you and your colourist/stylist can be on the same page.


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